Jump Rope For The Heart

I usually don’t let my kids participate in any of the school or sports fundraisers (mainly because I hate fundraisers and I hate bugging people about them), but I decided to let them join two this year because they are for a charity.

The first one they are doing is “Jump Rope For The Heart.” They have to jump rope at least 500 times to participate and all donations will go to the American Heart Association. I know most of you have kids of your own who are participating in stuff like this already, but if anyone would like to make a donation, here are the kid’s websites:

Will’s Website

Weslea’s Website

***I totally forgot to put this in my previous post ~ the kid’s Jump Rope websites only accept minimum donations of $25.00. If you’d like to make a smaller donation, you’ll just need to send your donation to me and then I make out one big check to the school at the end of March for all the donations we receive.***

Will and Weslea will also be participating in a math-a-thon with the proceeds going to St. Jude’s Hospital for children. This one hasn’t started yet, but when it does they will try to raise donations for each math problem they complete for the program. I’ll let you know more about this one when we receive our packet of information.

If you’re able to help out at all ~ THANK YOU! 🙂