It's A Yellow Day

Weston has definitely not even come close to mastering his personal pronouns yet. A lot of people probably think I should be correcting him constantly, but I usually don’t. It’s just too cute to hear and he’s my little guy so I usually let it go. I figure other kids all kick the habit, he will as well sooner than we know it.

For one example, while watching cartoons today he came downstairs and asked me to change the channel because Mr. Man was on ~ a show he apparantly doesn’t care for. “Why do you want me to change it” I asked him…”don’t you like Mr. Man?” He replied “No, my don’t! My can’t even believe it…him is soooo stupid.”

Yesterday was the kicker though. At Black River, the entire younger elementary school (including the preschool) monitors behavior through a “green-yellow-red” system (like a stop sign.) If you have a green day, that is really good and you keep your green card. If you have a yellow day, things have been a little rough, you need to act better tomorrow and you have to put your green card in the back of the slot and put your yellow card in the front. If you have a red day ~ holy cow, look out…you’ve been bad! My kids are horrified when someone in their class gets a red day and it is usually the main topic of conversation at dinner that night if someone in their class gets one that day.

Weston came home from preschool yesterday and opened up his folder to his “passport” where he has to record his behavior each day by coloring the square green, yellow or red. It’s been a little redundant this year because he always has green and I still have to sign the silly paper every day. The kids were standing around him and started yelling “oh my gosh, you got a yellow day Weston!” Without looking over I replied “No he did not…you all stop teasing him.” “Yes he did!!” they all yelled. I looked at his passport and lo-and-behold, the little stinker had a yellow day. I leaned over and said “Weston! Why didn’t you have a green day?”

Weston: “My did not have a green day! My had a yellow day…my got to go over and turn my card to yellow!”

Mommy: “Why did you have to turn your card to yellow? Yellow is bad ~ you don’t want to turn your card to yellow! You need to have a green day.”

Weston: “No, my don’t! My wanted to do puzzles and my wanted to bring out pencils and my teacher said THREE times no…but my wanted to so my turned my card to yellow.”

Apparantly the system doesn’t quite sink through into the three year-old mind. He was quite proud that he got to turn his card and thought yellow was a pretty neat color for the day.

Yi, yi, yi…what can ya do?! It does make it difficult to lecture your kid when you’re trying not to bust out laughing. He doesn’t look even a bit sorry, does he?