Idiot Drivers

Will, Weslea, Weston and I spent quite a bit of time in the van on Saturday ~ we had to go to Medina early to pick up a cake and snacks for Wyatt’s party, his birthday gifts and party supplies for the small party he’ll have with his class today at school. While on 71N, this SUV went by us driving like a complete maniac…swerving in and out of cars and almost hitting a couple of us in the process. I got a little ticked off and (I openly admit it) started muttering under my breath about idiot drivers who shouldn’t be on the road, etc., etc. Weston started in agreeing with me about all the “idiots” and I quickly shut my mouth and tried to move on to another topic.

A few minutes later we passed another SUV that was going slow and Weston must of thought it was the “idiot” I had been complaining about earlier. He pointed at the SUV and yelled “SO LONG SUCKER!”

Will, Weslea and I are still laughing over that one.