Bill Is In Slight Shock I Think.

Andrea has me addicted (like I need a new addiction in my life) to a new website ~ The Pioneer Woman. This woman is a hoot! Her blog is hysterical to read and her recipes look completely delicious and do-able for someone who is definitely not a cooking enthusiast (yeah, umm…that would be me.)

In fact, one looked so yummy that I called Bill at work last night and asked him if he would mind stopping at the grocery store on the way home so that I could try out a new recipe. After he picked himself up off the floor (he fell there in astonishment that I would actually be cooking…and on top of that, I’d be cooking something new and different), he said “Sure!”

Which brought us to one of the yummiest dinners we’ve had in a long time ~ The Marlboro Man Sandwich. It was fantastic and all of the kids loved it…and that is really saying something since getting all the kids to like the same thing is a slightly miraculous event here in the Arthur household.

I’m pretty sure that Bill liked it too. I know this because he told me so after dinner last night… He told me again this morning before he left for work… He told me again in an email he sent me from work after he got there this morning…

I’m thinking he might be a little excited about the fact that I cooked something different. I’m not positive…it’s just a strange feeling I’m getting.