Art Day With "Grandma Jean"

We spent the day at Bob & Jean’s house where Jean had a fun Art Day prepared for the kiddos and then a yummy spaghetti lunch for us all to enjoy. My kids consider Bob & Jean to be a delightful set of third grandparents that they have been adopted by. 🙂 And, let me tell you, I am totally and completely jealous of Jean’s art studio ~ it’s a beautiful airy room they had Pat build on the back of their house with TONS of windows and incredible lighting. It’s a wonderful place for an artist like Jean to create her beautiful watercolors.

The kids all enjoyed their art time with Jean and then spent several hours after lunch outdoors ~ playing in her potting shed (which they view as their own personal doll house), climbing trees, trying their best to “visit” with her chickens, collecting twigs, acorns and other interesting items for their “salad” they were making, and involving themselves in many other outdoor shenanigans.

I made another Pioneer Woman recipe for our lunchtime dessert, Apple Dumplings, and they were absolutely to-die-for. Let me repeat…they were TO-DIE-FOR. You must make them for yourself immediately. I cannot even tell you how scrumptious they were ~ we left Art Day and headed home with three dumplings left so that Bill could have a little taste of apple heaven when he got home from work.

I can’t believe Spring Break is almost over…we have been having so much fun!