Trip To The ER

Well, I’m home from the ER…yep ~ I once again got to take a trip there with Weston. He was enjoying movie night with Wyatt and Craig (who is spending the night) ~ eating popcorn and watching Scooby Doo. At least he was enjoying the night until he put a hard kernel of corn into his ear and then got it stuck way down in his ear when he was trying to get it out!

On my way to the hospital I put a call in to Dr. Janine (our resident audiologist) who assured me that it probably wouldn’t hurt his ear if I decided to wait until the morning, but I decided to continue on to the ER because he was really upset/crying about it and kept putting his finger in his ear to try to get it out.

Holy cow…that kid knows how to raise a major ruckus! I’m pretty sure most of the hospital knew he was there once they started messing with his ear. It took two nurses and myself to hold him down and he still managed to get a good kick or punch in from time to time. The doctor tried everything to get that stupid kernel out and nothing worked for a long time (ie. tweezers, suctioning, special little scoopy things, etc.) The entire time she was working he was screaming “NO! OWIE! I WANT MY MOMMY! STOP IT!, etc. He has a major set of lungs working for him.

After she finally got the kernel out, she decided to take another peek in his ear to make sure there wasn’t another kernel stuck in there (God forbid!) and he pitched another royal fit. This time (while we held him down and listened to his ungodly shrieking again) he kept yelling “NO! MY WAS DONE! IT’S ALL GONE!, LEAVE ME ALONE!, etc.

God forgive me, but I actually started laughing during part of the experience ~ it really got to be kind of funny. He was such a little drama king, I think he should go into acting or something that requires a temper. He was one ticked off dude! He got mad again on the way back out to the van when he realized that he had missed the rest of Scooby Doo while we were in the hospital ~ I got to hear him complain about that all the way home.

He’s decided that he will never, ever put anything in his ear again. Mom can only hope that he’s learned his lesson.