The Arthur Pet Tale

We have had quite a little “tragedy” at our home this week.

On Wednesday, Bill was laying on the bed watching TV while I was at church for Praise Team, when he thought he heard a scratching noise and then something fall down the heater vent in our room and then a big clunk in the basement. The heater vent is still open in our room because we still don’t have the baseboard trim on (another story for another time.) He went in the basement to check things out, but didn’t hear any other noises so he decided to ignore it.

Flash forward to 4:00 a.m. when our furnace began making a terribly loud clunking noise. We both woke up in a flash yelling “What the….?!?!” (as you can imagine.) He did his manly job and went flying down the stairs to see what was wrong while I stayed cuddled up under the warm covers hoping and praying that we weren’t going to be paying for a new furnace this week.

Several hours later I woke up because Bill was tapping me on the head and waving his flashlight in my face. He let me know that he had figured out the problem with our furnace…..

Ready for this? The problem with our furnace was…Weslea’s beloved hamster…Rainbow.

Rainbow is now in hamster heaven.

My true response to his proclamation? Deep down in my heart I just felt pure, complete, unadulterated, overwhelming JOY.

I know I must be completely evil and animal lovers will hate me….but, I truly hated that hamster. I hated cleaning the cage (which, of course ended up being my job because no one else would ever do it), I hated it making noise all night long, I hated the smell of it….I just HATED it. I actually begged Bill this summer to take it to the woods, make it a nice little nest and let it live in nature like it obviously wanted to (since it was always trying to escape.) The night before the “Big Escape” I was sitting at the computer trying to do work and all I could hear was “squeak, squeak, SQUEAK” as the hamster wheel went around and around and around. I stomped into our room yelling “Why didn’t you just get rid of that stupid hamster this summer when I begged you to?!!!” Well, apparently my dreams have now come true and I don’t have to feel guilty because the hamster died of no fault of my own.

Weslea doesn’t realize it, but she is the one that left the cage open which eventually led to the hamster’s demise. I don’t think I’ll be sharing that info with her for awhile.

I didn’t feel sad or guilty a bit until I found this on the kitchen table last night (you can click on the picture to make it larger if you’re having problems reading it):

Weslea’s picture says “dead Rainbow.” She shows the heater vent that Rainbow fell down and then Rainbow’s eventual demise in the furnace.

So, I guess I do feel bad for Wessie even though I really think the only reason she is upset is because Will still has a pet and she doesn’t. And that’s the end of the “Arthur Pet Tale” for the week!