The Arthur Pet Tale (cont.)

Weslea has now decided to make it her life’s mission to convince Bill that she NEEDS a new pet. I’ve already made it clear that mom definitely does not want any more pets so she has decided to try to charm Daddy into getting her one. She attacks him at the door every night asking him if he has decided whether or not she can get a new pet yet. Bill has explained to me that his strategy is to put her off indefinitely until she forgets about it.

She first tried to convince us that she needs a new pet because Will still has one and she doesn’t. Bill and I told her “that’s okay…we’ll just have Will’s lizard take a trip down the heater vent and then neither of you will have a pet.” She didn’t like that idea.

She’s now using music to try to convince us. The other day I heard Weslea singing in the basement and decided to eavesdrop to see what song she was singing (she has learned many new ones from listening to her MP3 player constantly.) Here’s what I heard her belting out in her sing-songy voice:

I sure miss you Rainbow
You were a great pet
But I really, really hope that I can get a new pet
Now that you are dead

(Or something else pretty close to this effect.) She has sung many, many, many, MANY versions of this song since. I’m beginning to realize how creative our daughter is and I’m pretty sure Bill’s “putting-it-off” strategy isn’t going to be very effective with this determined little girl.