"Me & My Bros"

I was so excited when Jon was born and I officially claimed him as “my baby.” It was love at first sight! 🙂 I probably drove mom nuts by hovering over him (kind of like Weslea drives Drew nuts by hovering over Baby Ben.) I don’t know if Jon ever had to sleep in his crib because I was always pulling him out so he could sleep with me.

Here’s just another example of my BAD, HORRIBLE HAIR. Ugh! Jeff and Jon sure look cute in this picture though. We used to settle Jon down by letting him suck on our finger ~ I learned this trick from him and then later on in life it worked with my babies too.

How could I have pictures of my brothers and not show Jeff with the doll that he used to adore (and that Dad never knew about because he would of had a heart attack!) Sorry for sharing this one Jeff…but it’s too cute not to!