Life Of Hoops

Well, Black River Rec Basketball is now done for the year and I have to say…I think I’m going to miss it even though it has consumed our life for a couple of months now! It was so much fun this year watching Will and Weslea play ~ they both are turning into really great players.

Sunday was their last game and they both also qualified to take part in the “Hot-Shot” competition and both ended up taking 2nd place in their respective age groups! Weslea ended up having to shoot-out against another girl three times because they kept tying their score ~ the other girl took 1st place but we were so proud of how Wessie hung in there.

It was also awesome to watch Bill coaching both of their teams. It’s easy to see that the kids on his team not only respect him but have a lot of fun when he is coaching him (that is not necessarily the case with a lot of the other coaches.) We had one special needs student placed on Weslea’s team and it was so heartwarming to watch him warm up to Bill and his teammates. The last team he was on was pretty competitive and he would never participate because he was intimidated by them. Bill made sure he got right in there and had a chance to participate in every way possible. At Sunday’s game, Bill wanted the little boy to be able to make a basket so bad so he had one of the other kids pass the ball to the boy and then Bill held him up so he could take his shot. Everyone in the stands erupted in cheers and I think we all had tears in our eyes. He looked so proud of himself when he made those points!

Will was asked to be on a second basketball team that competes in a league in Wooster ~ he still has three more weeks until he is finished. The league he is playing in is for 3rd and 4th grade boys. Unfortunately, all of the other teams are mostly 4th graders and Will’s team has only 3rd graders on it. They have lost every game, but they really have learned a lot about the game of basketball and seem to improve every week. He still enjoys it and that’s what matters most.