Busy Day…

Today was Will’s last regular game of his Wooster League basketball season. So, we all loaded into the van and took off to spend most of the day in Wooster. We now just have his final tournament next Saturday and then basketball season is finally over. On the way there, Weston and Will spent a lot time playing “air guitar” and they looked so funny I just had to snap a couple of pictures:

We arrived at the game right on time (1/2 hour early) just to find out that all game times had been moved up 10 minutes so we were actually late. The boys spent most of the game watching their friend play Spongebob on his Nintendo DS and Weslea spent her time listening to her MP3 player. They are all now way past the point of caring how Will’s games go.
Will’s 3rd-grade team played a really good 4th-grade team so they lost (of course.) We were excited when Will got a great shot in right before the game ended though. The score was 37-7 with Will getting 2 of those 7 points!

After stopping in a couple stores and doing grocery shopping we headed back home. Will, Weslea, Wyatt and Dad bundled up to spend some time sledding behind Bill’s 4-wheeler. Wyatt came in first crying because “Daddy was going too fast and made me fall off!” I headed out to take some pictures and got to watch Wyatt’s big brother get dad back by making him take a spill of his own.

When I went back in the house I could hear Wyatt laughing away ~ absolutely thrilled to see Daddy fall off the sled!

Now it’s time to try to do a quick cleaning around the house, catch up on laundry (again) and get some supper started. I hope you are all staying warm in this cold weather.

P.S. Please pray that Black River will not have any more snow days. We had another one on Friday and if we have even one more I am certain I am officially going to lose my mind from having kids home all day! I.HATE.SNOW.DAYS.