A "Weslea-ism"

Wyatt and Weston got into a huge fight on Friday over who was going to marry me. Both of them proposed to me several times and things got heated up when they realized that there was some competition for my hand.

I finally settled them down by telling them that although I was very flattered by their offers for marriage, no one is allowed to get married until they are 18. Both were very disappointed, but I assured them that on their 18th birthday I would be sure to ask them if they still wanted to marry me and then they could ask me again at that time. They both seemed happy with that solution….little do they know how much they will want to die at the thought of marrying their old mom when they are 18 ~ yuck!

The next day when I was driving to Will’s game with Weslea and Will I told them about the boy’s fight and they both thought it was very funny. They have both assured me that they will remind me of my promise so that we can embarrass the heck out of both of the boys on their 18th birthdays.

When we sat down for lunch that day (at the incredibly gross Ryan’s Restaurant that we will never go back to) Weslea decided to tell Bill about the whole incident. We had a really good laugh when Weslea ended the story by saying “you guys are really lucky that I have such a good ‘remembery’ or else Dad might never have heard this story!”

A cute “Weslea-ism” for the day.