"Sing A Song Of Christmas"

Sunday morning was pretty special for our family as most of the kids were involved in the children’s Christmas program ~ “Sing A Song Of Christmas.” The program was really nice and the kids all did a fantastic job with their parts…it’s hard to believe that I am at that point in my life where I now sit in the audience completely nervous about how my children will perform instead of being the one up on stage nervous that I might make a mistake! I have a lot more compassion for what mom and dad must of gone through during our numerous piano recitals over the years.

Weslea was extremely excited to be chosen to portray Mary this year. She was beautiful!

Kent was a shepherd and he sang his heart out and acted out his part of the play perfectly. He cracked us up with the folding-of-his-arms thing that he did for the entire musical…looks like one ticked off shepherd to me. 🙂

Will and Caryn both had major speaking parts as they were part of the trio that narrated the play. Both did really well and Will caused quite a few laughs by hitting all of his comedic bits perfectly.

Wyatt was also a shepherd but his job was to hold up the “C” during the “Christmas Love” song.

As the program progressed, he did get a little bored with it all though!

We topped off the day with a church music program that evening when different people got up to do Christmas specials for the congregation. Caryn sang a solo (“Angels We Have Heard On High”) and performed a violin special as well (“The First Noel.”) She did WONDERFUL and I felt privileged to accompany her with the piano (the little stinker made me get a little teary-eyed!) The evening program ended with Mike Todd playing “Mary Did You Know” on his guitar while I played background piano music. Brought shivers to my arms to hear his extraordinary playing ~ he is so talented and I am so blessed to have the opportunity to play along with him.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Sunday as well!