Christmas Fun

And yes…Jeff, Jon and Sweatie Pie…this post is mainly about stamping…deal with it!

This week has been completely insane with homework, basketball practices, our anniversary and stamping classes. I ended up not being able to put my Wednesday Stamp Class together until that day and after working feverishly on the projects, I was really pleased with how they turned out!

Aren’t they cute? I’m going to make a bunch of the CD Case Containers, decorate the insides of them and then put gift cards inside of them ~ perfect teacher’s gifts! I had to buy for EIGHT school teachers this year: Will – 1 teacher; Weslea – 2 teachers; Wyatt – 2 teachers and a speech therapist; Weston – 2 teachers………..holy cow! That about wipes out the Christmas budget.

I’ve been meeting with 10 ladies in Chippewa Lake for the last six months for a monthly class of their choice (they are the ones who made the above projects last night.) The leader of the group called me yesterday afternoon to let me know that they had decided to have a little party during their class and they were going to bring cookies and punch for everyone. Usually it’s a really low-key affair, but jazzing it up a little bit sounded fun. At the end of the class, she came up to me and handed me a package saying “we all went together and got you a little Christmas gift.” I almost fell off my chair ~ I totally was not expecting anything like that and was completely unprepared to give anything back. Here they had all pitched in quite a bit of money to buy me a honking huge gift card to Mario’s Spa for a treatment of my choice! I was so touched by their generosity and giving spirit….it was such a complete, special surprise to have happen.

Now I just need to figure out what the special gift packets are going to be that I am going to make up for them and surprise them with at next month’s meeting! 🙂