Christmas Day Fun

The first one to get up this morning was Will…….at 2:00 a.m. He checked the clock in the kitchen and went back to bed all by himself. He figured there was no way we’d let him open gifts at that time in the morning…and he was right about that. He waited all the way until 5:00 a.m. until he came in asking if he could wake everyone up so they could open their gifts. Um…no, I don’t think so….go back to bed!

Finally got the whole gang gathered up around 8:00 and they tore into their gifts in no time turning our home into a major Destruction Zone.

Uncle Jon spent the night at our house so he could try out our family gift of Guitar Hero. When Will woke up at 2:00, he peaked in the living room so it wasn’t a huge surprise to him what our family gift was going to be! Jon obviously stayed up quite late as you can see in this picture. He was taking a nap this morning while propped against the wall acting like he was watching the kids open their gifts.

Weslea was extremely excited to open her major gift ~ a karaoke player. We are never going to hear the end of High School Musical 2 now!

Wyatt loved his big gift of a telescope. They had fun looking at the stars tonight after it got dark outside. He also loved this shooting game ~ he’s quite serious about making his shot:

Weston was thrilled to receive Pokemon. (What a surprise, huh?!)

And our family gift of Guitar Hero III. It’s not a Wii (the gift I really wanted but decided to hold off on for awhile) but it sure is a LOT of fun.

After our traditional breakfast of sausage and egg casserole (yum-yum!), the kids dug into their stockings to find more goodies…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas day with your families!