Big Bunch Of Chickens…

Kent and Caryn are spending the night tonight and the four kids decided they wanted to watch part of the Goosebumps marathon that is running until Sunday. It didn’t take too long before they all bailed ship and hid out in the kitchen closing their eyes and plugging their ears so they wouldn’t have to see or hear anything scary. Kent was the only one who sat through most of it in the living room but he had to keep yelling “I’m not scared yet…this isn’t scary…well maybe this part is a little scary….okay the werewolf part is SCARY!….I think I’m getting a little scared….”

Like I can talk though. I still put my knees in front of my eyes during the scary part of movies so that I don’t have to watch…usually I end up plugging my ears too. I still haven’t sat through the entire “Silence Of The Lambs” yet and Bill has to tell me every scary part of a movie as it goes just so I’ll stay in the room. Pretty pathetic, huh?!

Who wants to bet we’re going to have four kids sleeping with us by the end of the night?