Weekend Preparations…

Bill and I are leaving this evening to spend the weekend with Jon and Kathy. It will be great to spend time with Jon again and so much fun to meet Kathy for the first time. Plus, Bill and I will be out on a real date for the first time in about 8 months ~ yeah!! Drew and Janine are helping me in a big way by letting the kids spend the night at their house (Will and Weslea at Janine’s and Wyatt and Weston at Drew’s.)

I made a huge mistake of telling the two boys this morning that they were going to get to spend the night at Nathan and Ben’s house….I have four children….I know better than to do that….why in the world do I do these things to myself?!

So, now I have been asked literally every two minutes…”Is it time to go to Nathan’s yet?”….”Are we leaving soon”…”When are we going Mommy??”….”Can I pack my Pokemon book?”….”Can my doggie wear his Spiderman outfit?”….”Is it time to go NOW?”….and on and on it goes. I have finally bribed them with Scooby-Doo cartoons so I can try to finish packing for everybody. We aren’t leaving for THREE MORE HOURS so I’ll probably be asked 3,972,589 more questions before we leave.

Here are some pictures of the boys with their way overpacked bags that they are taking with them to Nathan’s house (sorry Drew!)