Tomato Fight!

I found a disc for my camera that had some old pictures on it, so here are some pics from last month…

For the past two years, on a random day when I leave the house (for shopping, a workshop, or whatever…) Bill has staged a tomato fight with the kids using all the leftovers from his tomato plants. Last year, I raised holy heck when I realized that they had thrown tomatoes at the house as well (!!) MAJOR MESS and totally disgusting.

This year they kept away from the house but decided to have the fight in their good sweatshirts instead of putting on play clothes. I got home this time and found a huge pile of yucky tomato clothes that stunk worse than…UGH! I can’t even describe how bad they smelled. It took about 10 times washing them with stain stick and Oxi-Clean, but I finally got all the stains out!

As you can tell from the pictures though…they all had a complete blast!