Time With Jonny-Boy

We are back from our Columbus weekend (a short weekend as we were only there on Friday night and came back Saturday evening.) We had a great time hanging out with Jon and Kathy and doing nothing related to the kids for an entire day!

Friday night we got to Jon’s around 7:30 p.m., met Kathy and then left right away to make our reservations at Lemongrass Fusion, a Thai restaurant. After eating we drove down to the Arena District, walked around a bit (trying to avoid the huge herds of Catholic youth that were in Columbus for a convention) and then ate dessert at O’Shaughnessey’s. We got back to Jon’s around 12:30 a.m. and then Jon and I stayed up late talking and watching random TV shows.

Saturday we slept in a little bit, ate breakfast at the local mall and then left for a Columbus Market to see what it was all about. We enjoyed the market a lot ~ Kathy picked up some homemade pasta, Bill ate a slimy gross, cheese-filled pepper thing, we bought four new kinds of Salsa (after taste-testing about 20 different ones) and saw a ton of different ethnic foods. Bonus: they had a chocolate booth with those peanut butter filled Buckeyes that I love ~ yummy!

After that, we headed to eat lunch at Schmidts, a local German restaurant. And that is where I had Bill take a picture of the two of them together (and now Jon is going to kill me for posting it on my blog, but oh well! I like to live dangerously.)
After lunch, we headed to the movie theater to watch Dan In Real Life (yeah!) Have I mentioned that I think that movie is hysterical?! The guys laughed a lot so I’m pretty sure they enjoyed it as well.

After that, it was back to pick up our car and head back home. I called Janine and Andrea on the way home and heard about their hectic day with taking the kids to Chuck-E-Cheese’s on a Saturday (yikes!) and of the two fish tank disasters. We picked up Weston and Wyatt that night while the two older kids sleptover at Janine’s for another night. We got home around 9:00 p.m. and then Janine called about an hour later and let us know that Will wasn’t feeling well at all. Poor Janine ended up staying up with Will for the part of the night so he could sit in the bathroom with the hot shower running. He’s been running a fever since Saturday night now, has a pretty bad cough and no voice left whatsoever. Poor kid is feeling really yucky. He’s home from school today and has spent the entire day watching the Sponge Bob marathon on TV:

Weston is thrilled because that means he gets to watch TV all day too!
So, that’s a short synopsis of our busy, busy weekend. A huge thank you to Janine and Drew for helping me out with the kids ~ I really appreciate all you do for me. It was great seeing you again Jon…and it was great meeting you Kathy! Now it is definitely time for me to get off the computer and start some cleaning around here (that’s the real reason why I’m blogging in the first place…)