Our Evening

Well, (pardon my french) tonight was the homework night from hell. Weslea has a major math test and her first spelling test ever tomorrow. After drilling her for hours tonight, she was about ready to lose it…and so were we. Then Will reminded me of the scrapbook project he had been given two weeks ago and let me know that it is due tomorrow (of course.) Why do I put these projects off….umm, probably because I hate doing them. We all know that it is parent homework not kid homework!

Will actually did design his entire page. I just helped him with the cutting and making sure everything was even. He did a great job!

Janine and I got together today to shop for gift items for the Ladies Retreat we are going to tomorrow (with our church.) I ended up inviting Craig to spend the night, so Weston was a majorly happy boy when he got in the van after preschool and found Craig waiting for him! This is a picture of Weston (he insisted that I take it after he saw Will getting his picture taken.) Underwear Boy To The Rescue!

This is Bill…or should I say “SweatiePie”?…getting in front of the camera everytime I tried to take the picture you’ll see next.

And here is one of the gifts the ladies will be receiving tomorrow (along with a gift bag full of chocolate!) We decorated these waterbottles and then added a tag that contains a flavor packet for their water.

I still need to make an embellished tag for the front of each water bottle, but that is going to have to wait until tomorrow. I have five kids to get into bed….and The Office is going to be coming on in less than an hour. YIKES! I better go…