Okay, I just have to say real quick…our kids Halloween costumes this year sooooo completely rocked the house!

Janine and I decided to have them all go in Ohio State gear and they were definitely the most popular kids on the block that night. At many homes they earned extra candy, high fives, and hoorays from everyone around them. Weslea and Caryn were asked several times to do a cheer and then they earned even more candy!

The weather was beautiful and it was a great night to hang out with family and friends. Bob and Jean, Janine and I walked (well actually…we ran) ahead with the older kids who were completely wired and had candy on the brain. Bill and Pat walked behind with the younger boys, Mark and Drew (and boys) and Jim and Tracy with James. We met up at the end of trick-or-treating and got to hear Weston say over and over….”Actually, I think I’d like to go home now.” (Bill said Weston spent most of the night complaining about his feet hurting, being cold, his bag was too heavy, etc.)

Now the only problem is…how am I going to get rid of 10 tons of candy without the kids catching on?