"Harvest" Week Parties

The Black River school system allows the children to have politically correct “Harvest” parties each year and this week was full of them for our family. They made one change this year that I loved ~ the kids could either dress following the harvest theme (ie. a scarecrow, farm animal, farmer, etc.) OR they could dress as a character from a favorite book. Before this, I would have to come up with two costumes for each kid every year…a major pain to deal with. Having the character-from-a-book option made things much easier this year.

Will’s class was not allowed to dress up at all and they were not allowed to exchange any candy either (?!) He was allowed to take in a “harvest” item so I sent in some sliced cucumbers and some cut-up mango (just to be different.) Apparently, the kids really liked mangos!

For Weslea ~ her “favorite” book was a book about Ohio State history…that way she could wear the Ohio State uniform she was going to use for trick-or-treating anyway. (I’m such a sneaky mommy!)

For Wyatt’s party, his teacher decided that they would have a pajama party. Wyatt, of course, picked out some of the rattiest PJ’s he owned to wear into school that day. When we joined him for his party, Weston insisted on wearing his superman PJ’s as well.

Wyatt is “shaking is sillies out” ~

Weston’s party was easy…favorite character from a book…why it’s PIKACHU of course! Everyone loved his costume and he looked like a cutie-patootie in it.

I am soooooo glad parties are over for awhile!