"Hanging of the Greens" in NJ

We just got back from our Thanksgiving trip to New Jersey to visit Jeff and Danielle ~ what a fun time our entire family had! Jeff and D were so gracious to our family and absolutely wonderful with the kids. It’s really a blessing to have two brothers and an extra sister who are so good with kids ~ they are all complete naturals even though they don’t have their own children yet. My kids are in love with them and it’s easy to tell that the feeling is returned ~ I can’t wait to feel the same way about their children someday.

One morning when the kids were driving Bill and I nuts, Jeff and Danielle took over and let the kids decorate their smaller tree and put out a bunch of Christmas decorations around the house. The kids had a great time with this activity (especially Wyatt as you can tell from the pictures!) and completely enjoyed their special time with Uncle Jeff and Aunt Danielle.