Cloverleaf Ball Boy

During soccer season, Will’s coach arranged for his team to be the *official* ball boys at one of the Varsity Cloverleaf Soccer Boy’s Team games. Needless to say, the kids were thrilled!

Being a ball boy meant that he got into the game free, they got to be on the field when the individual team players were announced (and stood in a line to give them high fives when they ran out to the field), he tended a corner of the field as a ball boy and he got to play on the field during half-time and after the game. The best part was the Cloverleaf killed the other team with a score of like 8-1.

As a side note, Will is on the very far right hand side of the team picture. Caryn’s current “love” is three boys over from Will (he’s wearing glasses.)

I can’t believe how grown up Will is getting ~ he is eagerly looking forward to the day when he will be taller than mom and I don’t think that day is all that far away. 🙁 My baby is growing up.