Chuck E. Cheese Fun ~ NJ

On the day after Thanksgiving, we spent most of the afternoon at Kid Heaven (a.k.a. Chuck E. Cheese’s or Adult Headache Zone…) The kids had a blast of course though…and, as you’ll see below, Jeff and Bill had a fun time as well.

Almost from the first moment we walked in the doors, Jeff and Bill started insisting that they were going to try out the Dance Revolution game. Danielle and I laughed (thinking “oh yeah…the Baptist Boys are going to dance?!”) But, they actually did and I have these pictures to forever after use as evidence.

Looks of total concentration (yep ~ the Dance Revolution was WAY beyond their skills):

They were a complete riot to watch as they got their grooves on. Especially since two teenage girls (who were really good dancers) went right before them. Oh my goodness ~ Danielle, the other watching adults and I all had a pretty good chuckle over this incident. 🙂