Only In Homerville…

How many of you can say this has happened to you?

The kids came home from school today and Wyatt and Weston headed outside to play while Will and Weslea started their homework. After about 10 minutes, the older two decided to play outside for awhile as well but soon came back into the house wondering where Wyatt and Weston were as they couldn’t find them anywhere. We all started the panicked run around the house, heading back to the barn to try to find them (they know that they are supposed to stay by the house or playground so they were going to be in BIG TROUBLE when I found them.) A couple minutes later Will came running towards me yelling….”I found them Mom! They are playing with….”

Are you ready for this?

They were “playing” with the Amish farmer in the cornfield next to our house!

On Monday evening, Bill had seen one of our Amish friends (John) working in the field next door. He spent quite a bit of time talking with John while the kids were insanely excited to feed corn to his horses. Well, when Wyatt and Weston saw John’s brother (Eli) working today, they couldn’t resist the horses and decided to play with Eli, his wife Caroline and their horses (Pete and Pat) for awhile! It was so completely embarrassing, but Eli and Caroline were very nice about it and said that the kids could come back to “play” anytime that they’d like to!

Needless to say, Wyatt and Weston got a very stern talking to about needing to get permission before they go to play with the Amish again. The poor people had three rows of corn to do and ended up babysitting two of my kids for awhile.

Only in Homerville!