Back To School

And they’re off…..well, at least two of them are! I was very, very happy to see the school year start this year as the kids were driving me absolutely crazy for the last couple of weeks. Will, as usual, is not excited about going back to school at all. Weslea, on the other hand, is really happy to be heading back and can’t wait to see some of her friends. We went to Open House last night and Will’s teacher seems like an absolutely lovely person ~ I think he is going to love her. Weslea was put in the looping class that Will was in last year. She is very happy because she already knew both of his teachers very well and a lot of her classmates made it into that class as well.

Wyatt’s year is going to be a lot different compared to the last two years. At Open House, we found out that Mrs. Izzo decided to quit teaching to stay home with her new baby and Mrs. Coffman (the teacher’s aide) quit because she was tired of the “school politics.” So Wyatt now has a new teacher and a new teacher’s aide. During the week of Bible School, our elementary school was hit by a tornado. Wyatt’s room (in one of the modulars) was one of the ones that was hit hardest. Due to this, he is now going to be going to preschool in the old Homerville Elementary School for a couple of months. He also won’t be able to start school until after Labor Day since they have to secure licensing for the new school and a bunch of other paperwork type stuff before they can allow little ones in the building. I was very disappointed to hear that but will be very glad to have Labor Day come so that I’ll then have three kids in school! I’m also going to check with the school to see if they have any T/Th openings. If so, I think Weston will be going to school twice a week as well. Can you even imagine?! Two afternoons completely to myself….sounds like a little bit of heaven! 🙂