Puerto Rico Rainforest

I lugged my huge camera with multiple lenses and additional accessories through many airports for our Puerto Rico trip….and then I was too afraid to take my camera anywhere in case it got stolen or lost or ruined. I guess I should of brought our older camera with me instead!

Puerto Rico was an unbelievably beautiful and relaxing trip and I think we’ll all have wonderful memories for a long time to come of our “sibling trip” together. Believe it or not Mom and Dad, there was no kicking, hitting, biting, name-calling or anything else bad on this family adventure! We even made sure that we were “being a blessing” to each other as well. 🙂

Our not-so-wonderful rainforest outing was one of the only times my camera made it outside of the hotel room safe. Jeff and Jon very kindly climbed up many steps to the top of a large tower to take some beautiful pictures of the view. We tried to make it to that part of the ocean that day, but is wasn’t meant to be. We have learned that when you are in another country….do NOT venture out on any activities on a national holiday! The entire place was so crowded we ended up going back to the hotel to spend the day on our private beach.