Here's A Blog For You All ~ SO THERE!

My blog sucks right now (as Jon and everyone else in my world has to keep telling me.) Of course, Jon’s blog is even “worser” than mine (as Wyatt would like to say), so Jon can just shut his PIE-HOLE!

Life is a little overwhelming right now. I’m trying to get the house completely cleaned before we leave on our trip…..I’ve barely packed anything yet…..VBS is starting to loom around the corner and I have soooooo much to do for that.

Tomorrow is a big day at church ~ I have to have VBS t-shirts ready for all the kids who are going to be riding the Spencer 4th of July float. The only problem is….I can’t find the 150 VBS iron-ons that I ordered several months ago. I had them at church in my VBS room and they are nowhere to be found. And I am FREAKING out about this. I’m going to completely clean my basement now (it’s only 10:40 p.m.) just to make sure that they didn’t get left down there somehow. But, I’m almost 100% positive that I took them to church and that makes me afraid that someone threw them away on accident thinking they were garbage (?) What a waste of money if I don’t find them. 🙁 I also need to get several flyers made up for the church bulletin before I go to bed as well. AND I have to play piano at church in the morning ~ I’m sure that’s going to go really well since I’m going to be up all night looking for those blasted iron-ons. URGH! Then, on top of all of this, I have a VBS Festival Team Meeting tomorrow that I have to plan before I go to bed as well….holy cow.

I spent all last week sitting on the ground at Pier-Lon trying to keep Weston out of the water while the other kids took swim lessons for the first time. They loved it! Wyatt was interesting to watch ~ there was one lifeguard named Jacob that Wyatt really, really, REALLY liked. I think that Wyatt thought Jacob was Uncle Jon. Wyatt spent most of his time trying to climb onto Jacob’s back so that Jacob could carry him around the whole time. Oh, and he liked to climb on Weslea and Will as well which ticked them both off royally. I finally bribed him on Friday (with the promise of a piece of candy) and he did much better. Weslea and Will have passed to Level Three but (surprisingly!) Wyatt will need to have another round in Level Two.

So, I’m going to check out now and spend the rest of the evening looking for stupid iron-ons. Wish me luck and say a prayer that I can find them. I’m getting desperate!

**Update: I found them…of course.**