4th of July

Bill and the kids celebrated the 4th of July by walking/riding in the Spencer Parade on our church’s float. Our reason behind having a float this year was to advertise our upcoming VBS program (with an Avalanche Ranch cowboy theme) to the community. The kids were beyond excited about it and thought it was cool that they’d be able to throw candy out to the crowd (although Wyatt and Weston spent the entire parade EATING candy instead of throwing it!) Bill was also extremely “excited” that he was able to pull Weston and Craig in the decorated wagon.

That night, they took off for the annual 4th of July picnic that the Pomeroy’s have each year. They had tons of food to eat, watched the fireworks and played with sparklers. Lots of fun and four very tired kids by the time they got home!

And a huge **THANK YOU** to Michelle Russell who was kind enough to take pictures of my kids at both of these events. Without her I wouldn’t of had any cute pictures that I will probably never scrapbook! 🙂