Trip To The Zoo

As school is winding down for the year, school-related activities have gone crazy! We ended up spending last Friday at the zoo with Weslea on her Kindergarten Field Trip. We put Bill’s name into the drawing to be a parent volunteer, but his name wasn’t drawn. So, I had the *bright* idea that I would drive up to the zoo with the boys and we would meet Weslea’s group and walk around with her so that I could still spend her Field Trip day with her.

Well…if you want to spend the Field Trip Day with the Field Trip Girl…you should not take two ornery boys along with you! It didn’t take me very long to figure that one out! From now on, Bill will be taking a vacation day and one of us will go on the field trip and the other one will stay home with the boys. 🙂

I left my camera in the van, but luckily I had my own personal photographer along with me! Gina was in the same group as Weslea, so Michelle very kindly took some fabulous pictures of my kids throughout the day.

All the “monkeys”

This is us at the end of the day waiting for the zoo train. Mommy is completely and utterly exhausted at this point (and it looks like everyone else is too!)