We've got the "Sickies"

It’s been a yucky two days.

Will started out with strep throat last Thursday and missed his last day of school before Spring Break. He was acting much better by Monday and then yesterday he started into a icky stomach upset/high fever/sore throat thing. Bill came down with it next….then Wyatt…then me…and then Weslea. This is the first time…EVER…that I can remember Bill coming home sick from work. Weston is our lone survivor so far (and is so happy/bouncy/loud that he is driving us all a little crazy.)

I am the least affected by it (thank goodness!) Just feeling a little bit out-of-sorts and very tired. The rest of them are feeling a lot worse and we are going through a lot of motrin and tylenol. I feel so bad that they have to spend their Spring Break this way.

Here are their sick faces:

My poor babies! 🙁