Only One More Day!

Why in the world would I plan a stamp class for the same week that we leave on vacation? Am I a sucker for punishment or what?! My Tin Class went really, really well tonight though and everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot. I’m so glad that I have one major thing off my list of things to do now.

So, now I’m sitting here posting on Blogger when I still have to:

1) Finish my SU! taxes (OH THE AGONY!)
2) Finish my cruise swaps
3) Clean my entire house
4) Finish packing!

I am totally freaking out about what all still needs to be completed before we leave. I’ve had some wonderful angels that have helped me out a lot already this week though. Ashley is on Spring Break from college so she has been paying off her stamp club orders by babysitting a lot this week. What a blessing that has been! I wouldn’t of been able to get half my stuff done this week if she hadn’t been able to come over. Michelle has been half-living here as well helping me with all of my stamping stuff. She came up with this absolutely gorgeous swap layout for me to use on the cruise:

Isn’t it gorgeous! The oval Hodgepodge Hardware thing is going to have a paper behind it that says “April 2007.” I haven’t had a chance to get that part finished yet. Michelle is such an amazing scrapbooker though ~ I can’t wait to see how much I learn from her. 🙂

I also took a couple of minutes to play with my new “toy” ~ a Canon Rebel XT Digital Camera!!! I’m so excited to have it to use for our vacation photos. Here’s a quick picture of my cutie-patootie:

I’ll never be even be a tenth as good a photographer as Allyson, Michelle and Andrea ~ but I can have fun trying!
Hope you are all doing well. If I don’t get a chance to blog again before we leave, I’ll miss you all!