Easter Build-A-Bears

The kids have been saving their Build-A-Bear gift cards from Uncle Jeff and Aunt D, and I’ve been saving Build-A-Bear coupons since Christmas. We finally decided to go use them up on their big Easter gift ~ a Build-A-Bear (or Build-A-Bunny…..or Build-A-Turtle….) of their own.

We took off on our first day of Spring Break (Monday) and had such a wonderful day. The kids all behaved beautifully and we really just enjoyed our day together. We went to Build-A-Bear first where they each picked out one animal of their choice ~ we ended up with one beautiful bunny and three very unique turtles.

Weston fell in love with Build-A-Bear’s new turtle. We dressed it up completely in a football uniform. By the time we left, it was completely naked and I haven’t been allowed to put clothes on it since!
Will looked over all the animals, but ended up deciding that he had to have a turtle as well. He found a dressed up turtle in the front of the store and found everything he needed to make his exactly like that one. This is a picture of Will and “Leonardo”:

Weslea took a looooooong time to decide, but finally chose a beautiful, soft, fluffy bunny that she named “Floppy.” I call her Weslea’s “Diva Bunny” because of her bling-bling outfit:

Wyatt also fell in love with the turtle and wouldn’t even look at the other animals. He decided on his own that he wanted a cowboy turtle (very fitting for a boy named Wyatt!) and it turned out absolutely adorable. Weslea helped to name him “Howdy”:

We then took a walk through the mall looking for clothes for the cruise. We didn’t end up finding any there, but we did see the Easter Bunny! We stopped to get our picture taken. I bought one picture from the vendor, but completely forgot to snap a few with my camera. So, you get to see a picture that was taken of our Easter Bunny picture (does that even make sense?!) I was talking very excitedly to Wyatt and Weston about how “this is the Easter Bunny who is going to bring you presents on Sunday!” Wyatt looked at me and said “No it’s not! That’s a man inside there!”

After that, we stopped at the Easter Bunny Train and took a quick ride. No pictures of Weston as he kept standing up and running to different windows (and kept getting yelled at by the “conductor.”)