Snow Day Fun

It looks like our area ended up with about 21 inches of snow from the “BIG” snowstorm. Bill spent hours clearing our driveway on Tuesday night and then couldn’t get to work because our road was never cleared. After lunch, we put Weston down for a nap and began the hour-long job of getting the other kids dressed to go out to play in the snow. I completely understand why mom always seemed so crabby when we would ask to go out to play in the snow as children. URGH! What a frustrating job….especially when you know they are only going to be outside for about 5 minutes anyway!

This year was a little different. Wyatt only lasted 20 minutes but Will and Weslea were both out for at least an hour. That made the “getting ready” stage a little more worth it. I actually braved the snow for about 5 minutes to take some pictures. They aren’t very scrapbook worthy though when most of the time you can’t even see the kid’s faces! 🙂