All of my kids are now officially S-I-T’s ~ or “Stamper’s-In-Training” to those of you who don’t know what that is. Will, Weslea and Wyatt have stamped quite a bit, but I think that today was the first try for Weston.

Will’s class always votes on who has to bring what for each party that they have. For some ungodly reason, they voted for Will to bring 20 decorated white lunch bags to school for the class to put their treat in. Or, more specifically, they actually wrote on the paper that Will AND HIS MOM (!) needed to decorate 20 white lunch bags. Why, oh why, couldn’t we just have gotten cookies…..or a bag of candy…..or anything else that wouldn’t take 300 hours to do?!

We, of course, decided to stamp them. And then everyone wanted to stamp one. What do four kids, one monkey stamp set and five colors of ink pads make?? A huge mess, that’s what! I actually was able to put my OCD tendancies aside and we had a great time making “bunches of love” candy bags for Will’s class. The kiddos loved it and they all did a really great job.

Now, if I can just get past the many stains on my stamps (they are well-loved now, right?) and the Real Red and Chocolate Chip splotches that were put onto my YoYo Yellow ink pad. 🙁
It was worth it all to see the amount of fun they had.