Happy Valentine's Day!

It brought back a lot of memories when I was working with the kids to finish their Valentines on Monday evening. I still remember how exciting it was to fill all of them out, pick the perfect Valentine for each person in my class and then to go to school the next day and get so many Valentines back and tons of candy! It was cute to see how much Will and Weslea are enjoying it now…

Poor Will has almost 40 kids in his class (he is in a co-teaching class) ~ that’s a lot of Valentines to fill out! Of course, he is almost guaranteed to come home with a huge load of candy.
Weslea stuck at it and finished all 22 of her Valentines. She had fun reading all her classmate’s names and filling out their cards on her own.

Wyatt and Weston both wanted to do Valentines as well. Wyatt wrote his name one time and then thought the whole thing was “stupid and dumb.” I made him write his name on all the Valentines (he was NOT happy!) and then the two of them thoroughly enjoyed chocolate ice cream.

All that work…..and then no school ~ it’s been cancelled due to the snow and weather conditions. Parties will be tomorrow if we actually have school. If not, I guess we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day sometime next week.

I hope you all had a HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!