Happy Thoughts…

*I think (cross my fingers/knock on wood) that I am officially not sick anymore. This was my second week of feeling very, very yucky and I’m glad that it is now over.

*We got all the passport information finished for the kids today. They are very excited that they’ll have their own “blue book” and I’m glad that the boring paperwork is over. Only two more months until our big vacation!

*Bill is having a “guys-day” with Mark today. They are spending some quality time together freezing their buns off on 4-wheelers….I’m still not sure why that is “fun” though. Scrapbooking with the girls in a warm house sounds much more fun to me!

*Weslea has become quite the reader ~ she’s really impressing her momma with her knowledge! It’s so fun watching things start to click and seeing how she knows how to sound out words, etc. Will and Weslea both had awesome report cards this quarter.

*Snow days should be over now….thank the Lord! The kids were starting to drive each other (and their mom) CRAZY!!

*Wyatt is astounding me with the leaps and bounds he has taken with his speech, alphabet and numbers in the past month or so. We are still planning to send him to preschool again next year just to give him the extra help before Kindergarten, but he’s almost making me have second thoughts about that. Both of his speech therapists and his teacher have mentioned to me that they are so pleased with his progress.

*The kids visited a new dentist this week and we loved him! His office is really close to us (in Lodi) and the staff is super friendly. The kids were all cavity-free and were very excited to have their picture taken. Their picture and name will be scrolling across the TV screen in the lobby now.

*Weston and Wyatt have made it very clear that they want to have a Pokemon Party for their birthdays this year. It’s been fun finding things on the internet that I know they will love to get as presents. It’s going to be a super fun birthday given how obsessed with Pokemon that they are. It’s hysterical to read the Pokemon Look-And-Find Book with Weston ~ he finds everything way before I even get close to finding them!

I’m sure there is more to have happy thoughts about, but I have to go do the “not so happy” stuff now — laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc…. I’m getting depressed just thinking about it. 🙂

Have a happy day everybody!