Will's New "Abode"

Bill is gone this week to Michigan……..boo-hoo for me! But, I’m leaving on Friday afternoon to spend the weekend scrapbooking with Andrea at a retreat. I guess that will make up for it! 🙂

Before Bill left, he was able to finally finish the main body/frame of Will’s loft bed. Bill has been working on this bugger of a project for quite awhile now. It (of course) ended up being a much bigger project than anticipated and I (unfortunately) was the one who suggested that it be done even though Bill had to end up doing all the work! The bed still needs to be painted and the bottom area needs finished ~ it will have a desk area on one side and a TV/game system area on the other when it’s all said and done.

Will is so excited to finally have his awesome bed and he pronounced that it was “definitely worth the wait!”