Fun Time With Uncle Jeff

Well, it’s been just a “little” bit of time since I last posted. Once you get out of that routine, it’s not easy to get back into it! I was a little “blogger-depressed” because of the whole Christmas/camera situation.

Our van quit working on the night we were supposed to be heading to mom and dad’s for Christmas. We ended up getting there in Bill’s car and then borrowed mom and dad’s van to use until our van got fixed. Unfortunately, our camera was left in Bill’s car. 🙁 Believe it or not, he wasn’t willing to drive back to Medina at midnight to get it for me, so I have absolutely no pictures of our family Christmas. I’m so thrilled that Drew took some at mom and dad’s for me so I at least had those to scrapbook.

Here are some pictures I did take when Jeff and Danielle stopped on the day they were heading back to New Jersey. I’m not sure who is having more fun — the kids or Jeff?!?

Playing a game of “How Long Can You Keep From Smiling?” The kids lasted for about 2 seconds……maybe.