Santa Pictures

After our yummy breakfast, we were off to find Santa. Luckily, we got into the line right when it was just starting up so we didn’t have to wait very long at all. Weston acted a little iffy about Santa at first, but then warmed up when he realized that this was the guy that brings presents on Christmas!

Will asked for an Ohio State jersey — we’re still looking for that one…
Weslea asked for a Baby Alive doll — ummm….nope, not gonna happen….there is no way I am paying $50 for a doll that goes potty in its pants. I change way too many diapers already!
Wyatt asked for Power Rangers and a real elephant (?!)
Weston was just interested in the bag of candy canes that were on the floor next to Santa.

After all of our families went through the line, we took group shots as quickly as we could. There were a bunch of people in line behind us and we didn’t want them to get mad at us. Who knows, maybe they’d start a “Candy Cane Riot” or something…