Santa Craft and Storytime

After talking with Santa, we headed over to the craft tables they had set up. The kids had their choice of making a Santa ornament (they traced their hand and then cut it out to make his beard) or a slap/wristband bracelet thing. Wyatt, Weston and Craig mainly just stared up at the huge screen behind the tables trying to watch the Grinch video that was playing while their craft helper made their project for them! The older kids did a fantastic job with their creations.

Wyatt is showing off his new reindeer bracelet:
And finally we headed over to the Story Room to listen to two Christmas stories. Will and Weslea missed out on this part because they had to head back home early to get to their first day of Basketball at the school. Wyatt, Caryn, Kent and Craig enjoyed the stories though…
…while Weston sat on my lap….and then Janine’s lap….and basically drove me crazy the entire time. He had great fun wrinkling up his candy wrapper so that it would make as much noise as possible the entire time….URGH!

This was such a wonderful way to visit Santa. So much better than standing in line for two hours at the mall! We have all decided that we are going to do everything we can to make it back there next year.