The Girl Is 6

Weslea has been informing us for over a week now that her “BIRTHDAY IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!” She was just a little excited about it this year to say the least.
We started out after church with Caryn, Weslea, Moi and Aunt Janine (who came along to keep me company ~ yeah!) We ate a yummy lunch at Olive Garden where Weslea anxiously waited for the birthday singers….”when are they going to sing to ME?”, “don’t they know that it’s MY birthday today??”, etc. Then, when they finally sang she became a mute and acted embarrassed the entire time. She soooo takes after her mama! She and Caryn both enjoyed the yummy chocolate cake though.

(Best friends posing together outside Olive Garden)

After that we headed to Build-A-Bear. Weslea had been waiting for that moment since Will had his birthday party in August. Weslea ended up creating “Anna” ~ a beautiful pink poodle with two baby puppies. Caryn created “Rose” ~ an adorable white bunny. Weslea was sung to again (Build-A-Bear style this time) before we left the store.

We then wandered through the mall a bit looking for a new bedspread for Weslea’s room. She had decided that she wants mommy and Aunt Janine to make her a new room for her birthday rather than getting toys. She did mention to me “besides, I’m going to get a LOT of toys from my grandmas anyways!” Little bugger…

After the mall, we went to the Medina Theater to watch Open Season ~ an okay movie that Janine and I didn’t much enjoy but the girls laughed hysterically at the ending. After that it was back home for the birthday girl (and “Anna”) to get some much needed sleep.