Pumpkin Patch Pictures (2003)

Danielle posted some of our Pumpkin Patch pictures on her blog. So, of course, I had to get on the computer and check out all of my pictures from that day. I remember that day as being one of the most fun ones EVER as a mom. The kids were pretty well behaved and no one was in school so we were able to spend as much time as we wanted playing with the pumpkins. If I remember right, it was the day before Halloween so the pumpkin place people told us that we could take as many pumpkins, gourds and indian corn as we wanted….free of charge! We were all excited about that. They also had a fun hay bale maze that the kids played in forever.

I was pregnant with Weston when we went so that was the only downside…I was in the hurting pregnancy stage and didn’t much enjoy chasing Wyatt everywhere.

Beautiful memories….thanks so much for the reminder Danielle!

Wyatt was a happy boy….for most of the day. I snapped this one of the times I was chasing him and telling him “you need to stop and come back to mommy!” As you can tell, he didn’t really want to listen to me.

Here is a cute picture of Weslea and Will….if you don’t mind the finger up her nose!
And a classic 3 year-old Weslea “smile”….what a face!