Germy Arthur House

I’ve lost the cord to my camera and I can’t upload any new pictures. I am very, very, very, VERY unhappy about that and it has made made me a bad blogger lately. I hate blogging without pics.

But, I have been gone from blogger for a loooooong time, so I decided to do a non-picture post until I can get a new cord (or a card reader) to use for pictures.

We are slowly but surely getting over “The Sickness” here at the Arthur household. What a long month it has been for that! I got a call a week ago Thursday from the school and was told that Will was nauseous, was complaining that his neck hurt (he always says that when he needs to throw up) and that the nurse wanted to take his temperature but Will didn’t want to leave the bathroom. I explained that our entire household had been sick with this for over two weeks and that I’d be right over to get him. He spent Friday and Monday home from school recovering.

I got a call from a demonstrator friend over the weekend — she volunteers in Will’s class quite often and knows him really well. We were talking and she said “Boy, that was really weird about Will, wasn’t it?” I replied that yeah, he wasn’t feeling well but we kind of expected it since we all had been sick. She said, “No, I mean the way he kind of passed out at school and everything!” I come to find out that after recess, the kids in Will’s class came running out of the bathroom telling the teacher that Will was really sick. She went in to see what was wrong and found him on the bathroom floor. He told her that he felt really, really sick. She asked him if he could walk to the nurses office and he tried to stand up but couldn’t even walk. She ended up carrying him to the nurses office and while she was carrying him, his head rolled back like he had passed out! I guess that he never actually passed out…he told me later that he could still hear everyone talking but his vision went green and he felt yucky/weird. I thought it was really stinky that the nurse didn’t give me all of this information when I picked him up.

On Wednesday, I went to school to attend Will’s field trip with him at the Wolf Creek Environmental Center. I really wanted to go just in case Will got sick again (he was still having the “runs” a little bit.) We had a great day together although I did NOT enjoy the bus ride one bit. We ended up sitting in the very back seat of the bus next to the loudest boy in the class — he had an extremely loud, piercing voice that made me want to rip my ears off. Going home was the worst since I also had an allergy headache from being out in the wonders of nature for so long. 🙂

Bill just started feeling really yucky tonight so it looks like he is going to have to go through it as well. We were both hoping that he’d somehow make it through all this okay. I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll have a mild case and not feel as sick as I did.

That’s about it from here for the last three weeks…a lot of puking, pooping and everything else gross going on. We really need to buy some stock in carpet cleaner as much as we use it around here! I’m really thankful that we had a couple of nice days when I was able to open the windows and doors and air some of the disgusting germs out of our house.

Surely we have put in our sickness time as a family now….right?!? I hope that this will be the end of it for us this year.

I’ll post again soon when I have some pictures to share!