Famous Weston

Look what Aunt Drew found at Target….

Weston’s long-lost twin brother………nah! But, she did find just about the coolest t-shirt ever! Anyone have any idea why “Weston” would be on a kid’s shirt? I did a quick Google search and all I found was a food processing and distribution group, an environmental and redevelopment firm, and a town in Florida.

Weston has been obsessed with the letter “W” lately…we think because we been talking about it so much with Wyatt. He goes around the house on a “W” hunt ~ everytime he finds one, we hear him yelling “wubawu!”, “wubawu”, “I find wubawu!!” Cutest gosh-darn thing I’ve ever heard. 🙂

So, Aunt Drew, you have found him just about the most awesome t-shirt ever!