Week From #@*!

Well, my week from hades is finally over….thank goodness! Bill left for Kentucky on Monday night and I chose that evening to come down with a horrible, awful flu (along with Wyatt and Weston as well.) I tried to make it the whole week without help, but was not doing well at all. Andrea (my angel!) came over on Thursday evening to watch the kids so I could get some extra rest. I am hoping and praying that Andrea, mom and Janine don’t come down with the flu now after they were helping me with the kids.

I can’t thank you all enough for all of your help. Phone calls from everyone to see how things were going, Pat’s run to the grocery store, Andrea’s evening with the kids, Mom spending the night on Thursday and then taking the boys home with her, Janine having Will and Weslea spend the weekend at her house…. I truly appreciate all of you!

And I hope that I never, ever, ever have a week like that again! 🙂