Land Of Make Believe

We are home and almost recovered from our trip to see Jon, Jeff and Danielle in New Jersey (way too many nights of staying up until 3:00 a.m. to play cards and board games!) 🙂

We had a blast, the kids loved seeing everyone again and Jeff and Danielle were a wonderful host and hostess. Hurricane Ernesto was making its way up the coast so that ruined some of our plans (no beach trip this time!) but we still managed to have a lot of fun.

Friday was our trip to The Land Of Make Believe. This park (though somewhat cheesy for adults) is absolutely perfect for the ages our kids are at. Our kids were able to ride almost every ride (there were just a few Weston couldn’t go on yet) and they were all the perfect size for them. We spent the morning riding rides and then braved the waterpark in the afternoon. We didn’t stay there very long though ~ the water was only 62 degrees! Weslea rode many of the water slides with the older guys while the rest of us wrapped up in towels until they were done.

One of my favorite parts of the day was riding the roller coaster with Weston. He LOVED it and we must of rode on that one ride at least 10 times. During one ride, an older boy was sitting in the car in front of us and he turned around to say “I think this ride might be a little too scary for a baby like him.” Weston just looked at him, put his hands up in the air and started squealing happily when the ride started. The mom of the boy was riding with him and she kept turning around staring at Weston increduously. It turns out that she had just gotten her son (who was 8!) to go on the ride for the first time. I can see already that Weston is going to be a daredevil just like his sister.

Weston on the carousel:

One of Wyatt’s favorite rides: