Our Picasso

At the beginning of summer, we received an official notice from the school that Will’s artwork had been chosen to be on display at the Medina General Hospital Medical Center Building. Way to go Will!! Of course, I put off going there the whole summer because we’re busy, etc. Until last Friday, I pulled the letter out and realized that if I didn’t get there that day, we were going to miss it! I was in a bit of a pickle since that was also the same day our friends (Karen and Carl) from Evansville were coming to visit.

I rushed around the house doing last minute cleaning, put the kids in the van, picked up mom (who visited the “display” with us) and went to the Medical Center. After about a minute of looking for his artwork, we posed for pictures and were done….there wasn’t much else to do there! While we were walking out, Will looked at me and said “Well, that was pretty fast.” One of those things you have to do though. 🙂

It ended up being a nice day to go to a couple stores with mom and the kids and my house stayed clean the whole day until our friends arrived. There’s no way that would of happened if we had stayed home!