Day at Geauga Lake

It was finally August 15th and we took our day trip to Geauga Lake and Wildwater Kingdom! We have had this day planned for quite awhile now and the kids were very anxious for us to finally go. We spent the day with Pat, Janine, Caryn and Kent. Mom (thankfully!) agreed to watch Weston and Craig for us so that we didn’t have to drag them around the park the whole day. She said they got along great and had a wonderful day together.

We had a fantastic day as well. The kids enjoyed riding the rides and the adults enjoyed riding the roller coasters with Caryn (our daredevil girl!!) Will is still thinking that big roller coasters just aren’t for him yet…..maybe next year?

Snoopy was one of the first things we saw when we walked through the gates. Wyatt was completely enamored with him…I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to walk away from the cute doggie. 🙂

I’ll be posting more pictures of the fun as I can today…